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This page is dedicated to the fans that have driven and/or flown many miles to watch the Traditional Sprints "back 'em in." 
Kent Shockley
The first race I went to was when I was still in my mom as my dad raced Motorcycles in Illinois. Then, we moved to California when I was 1. At 6, I started racing Quarter- Midgets for a few years. At 12, I raced Junior Speedway for 2 years and motocross off and on for a bunch of years. I raced Speedway again in 1980, at 18 years old,  for 2 yrs and motocross again for a few years. In 1987, my brother Carl bought a sprint car and I was his crew chief until 1991/1992. Then I went to work as Verne Sweeney's crew chief  until the second year of SCRA. Then I started sitting in the stands, and on November 20, 1999- I married my lovely wife Julie on the front straight at the PAS. My sprint car hero both on and off the track is Lealand McSpadden. My favorite NASCAR driver is Tony Stewart and the PAS is my favorite track (got married there). is my favorite website. All non-wing sprint car races are my  favorite  races and my dogs name is Winston Cup. Well... that's about it.   
Shawn Patrick McDonald
My racing info.:
1)  Background- I First started going to sprint car races in 1984 at Baylands Raceway Park, Fremont Ca.
2)  Tracks attended- Baylands, CA- San Jose Speedway, CA- Calistoga, CA-St. Charles, MO- Granite City, Illinois-Chico, CA-Perris, CA.-Ventura, CA - Knoxville IA.-Oskaloosa IA.
3)  Favorite track-Tie, St. Charles Speedway, Mo..-Ventura Ca, (I like the tight ones).
4)  Favorite Racing Facility-KNOXVILLE or Perris (based on lighting, parking, grandstand, view of track, sound system, handicapped equipped, etc.
5)  Favorite race-Wagsdash, Front Row Challenge, or Oval Nationals.
6)  Favorite racing event-Knoxville Nationals, Wagsdash, Hosehead's reunion, or SCRAFAN.COM parties
7)  My hero is Ron SHUMAN
8)  My current SCRA favorites are 96, 50, 93, 46, 2, Cal Smith, 84, Danny Sheridan, 83, + way more, I know I have left some out unintentionally, all have been so nice to me!  I mostly cheer for good/safe/clean racing.  I do have two least favorites though, but I won't mention any names. 
The Wagtimers
The Wagtimers are super race fans led by "Wags" Ken Wagner. He can be identified by his red and white polka dot hat. With help from his wife Terry, Norm Bogan and others, he collects money from fellow race fans (called Wagsbucks) and donates it to the hard luck racer of the night. Towards the end of the season, every recipient is invited to race in a special main event- the Wagsdash. The purse is totally donated by race fans. 2001's winner was Jarrett Chaney. The Wagsdash is not just a race- it is an event with auctions, a chili feed,  a driver autograph session, and much more. So the next time you are at the races and see the hat- say hello and make a donation. You will not find a better cause.
Steve Lafond
Steve Lafond is an excellent photographer that catches our heroes in action. Based in Northern California, Steve was the official photographer for the Northern Auto Racing Club (NARC). In addition to SCRA and NARC, he has also caught the World of Outlaws, USAC, BCRA, and Australian sprinters in action. He is also known for "The Lafond Jar of Change" that has gone to the Wagsdash racer with the best passing job. 2001's recipient was Mike Spencer.
Scott Daloisio
Scott is the chief announcer at Perris Auto Speedway (PAS). He is what I call a racing fan's fan. You can tell that he enjoys his job. Scott is also a  regular contributor to the Hosehead's Sprint Car website.  In addition to calling the races at Perris, he sells sports and racing collectibles on Ebay. 
Lance & Lori Jennings
Who are we? Well, we are a brother and sister that are avid sprint car fans that started the FanSite.
We got lost in the shuffle when Ascot Park closed it's doors in 1990. It had been 10 years since we last enjoyed the best sprint car racing in the country. We are very happy to be back in the stands.
Our father first introduced Lance to the Sprint Car Races at Ascot in the late 1970's- at age 3 or 4. He was working for Continental Airlines and the company sponsored Stan Lee's Midget. Our dad knew some of the race crew and they had success- not only at Ascot, but also in Australia. Rick Goudy was the driver. While enjoying the midget races, we also followed Rick's sprint car racing. That year, he was driving the famous Morales "Tamale Wagon." Lori was a little baby when she first heard the thunder of the CRA Sprints. 
The races became a family tradition- Dad and Mom would take us, as well as any friend that wanted to come along. We would go to the Saturday Sprints- then on Sunday morning and Tuesday nights, we would race our R/C Cars at Ascot's little dirt oval. Lori was an excellent driver earning many trophies, while Lance raced his R/C Sprint Car- often against the National Champion. It was a sad day when Ascot closed its doors for the final time.
Sadly, our father would never see another sprint car race, when in late 1999 he died of cancer. He is buried at Riverside National Cemetery, which is about 5 miles from the PAS! While our dad was sick, Lance met SCRA driver John Scott at his work and began to get interested in the races again.
Now the family tradition is reborn. We go to as many races as possible with our Mom. So before each PAS! race, we stop by and pay our respects to not only our father, but to his parents who are also buried nearby. Then it is on to the track- to turn a day of sadness into a day of happiness- as we watch some of  the best racing in the country.






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