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 Press Release

Keith Butler Wins CFSS Charlotte County Run

Checkered Flag Sprint Series
Charlotte County Motorsports Park
March 21, 2009

Heat #1
1) 19 Keith Butler (Riverview, FL)
2) 51 Mark Gimmler (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
3) 22 Dustin Henderson (St Cloud, FL)
4) 21A Amanda Ferguson (Montverde, FL)
5) 5W Randy Woodall (Palm City, FL)

The 15JR of Geoff Styner was unable to start the heat race due to a mechanical issue

Heat #2
1) 50M Gary Gimmler (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
2) 67 Scott Adema (Ft. Myers, FL)
3) 20 Billy Boyd Jr. (Gibsanton, FL)
4) 37 Jason Bradford (Port Charlotte, FL)
5) 47 Rocky LoPresto (Hillsadale, MI)

1) 19 Keith Butler; 2) 50M Gary Gimmler; 3) 67 Scott Adema; 4) 51 Mark Gimmler; 5) 22 Dustin Henderson; 6) 21A Amanda Ferguson; 7) 5W Randy Woodall; 8) 47 Rocky LoPresto; 9) 20 Billy Boyd Jr; 10) 37 Jason Bradford


The Checked Flag Sprint Series (CFSS) returned to Charlotte County Motorsports Park on Saturday March 21, 2009 to run two heat races and a 30 lap feature race.

With the race of the season behind them, it was back to using race averages to sort the cars into heats and form the line ups. Amanda Ferguson in the 21A car had the pole for the start of the first heat race. Amanda was able to keep the lead as the race got to green but was passed on lap two by Keith Butler in the 19 car who came from the fourth place starting position to take the lead go on to take the heat win. The second heat saw the 37 car driven by Jason Bradford on the pole with Billy Boyd Jr. in the number 20 car alongside on the front row. The first lap was hard fought by the first four cars but Gary Gimmler in the 50M who had started the race in fourth place had the lead at the end of the lap and kept it to take the heat win.

Amanda Ferguson had the pole for the second time that evening for the start of the feature race with the 20 car driven by Billy Boyd Jr. again taking up the outside position on the front row. Amanda took the early race lead but on lap 2 the 47 driven by Rocky LoPresto spun in turn on. He was able to keep the car going but as he was recovering from his spin the 5W driven by Randy Woodall was spinning on the back straight after having had contact with another car, and this brought out the caution flag. The 5W came to a stop facing the wrong direction at the entrance to the track just before turn 3. He was able to be re-started and rejoined the race. With only one lap complete, the race got back to green and the 50M of Gary Gimmler who had started the race in sixth position took the lead away from Amanda Ferguson. The 37 driven by Jason Bradford was black flagged on lap 8 because the car was smoking and he pulled the car off the track and into the infield. The second caution of the race came on lap 11 when Billy Boyd Jr. spun the 20 car at turn one. Although he was able to rejoin the race, he retired the car to the infield after on 4 more race laps. Meanwhile a close fought battle for the lead was taking shape between the current race leader, Gary Gimmler in the 50M car and Keith Butler in the 19 car. Keith looked high and low on the track to find a way around the Gary and after several attempts he was finally able to snatch away the lead on lap 28 as both cars maneuvered around a lapped car. With just two laps left, Keith was able to keep the race lead and take his second successive CFSS win for the 2009 season. Gary Gimmler had to settle for second place in the 50M machine, followed by Scott Adema in the 67 car, Mark Gimmler in the 51 car while Dustin Henderson in the 22 car finished out the top 5. Keith Butler also wins the Barfield’s Clean Sweep Award for winning both his heat race and the feature race. 

The staff and racers of the CFSS would like to thank everyone for their support and hope to see you at the next race at Charlotte County Motorsports Park on April 11.

Checkered Flag Sprint Series

Points as of March 21, 2009 after race #2

Driver Points:
1) Keith Butler – 109 points
2) Gary Gimmler – 106 points
3) Mark Gimmler – 99 points
4) Scott Adema – 97 points
5) Dustin Henderon – 89 points
6) Billy Boyd Jr - 80 points
7) Amanda Ferguson - 80 points
8) Jason Bradford - 71 points
9) Stephen Sinwald – 40 points
10) Randy Woodall – 39 points
11) Rocky LoPresto (temp) – 37 points
12) Jeff VanDusen - 33 points
13) Geoff Styner - 20 points

Owner Points:
1) 19 KJ Motorsports– 109 points
2) 50M Constructive Solutions – 106 points
3) 51 Mark Gimmler – 99 points
4) 67 Jerry Adema – 97 points
5) 22 Jerry Adema – 89 points
6) 20 KJ Motorsports - 80 points
7) 21A Andrew Ferguson - 80 points
8) 37 Mike Koss - 71 points
9) 5s Stephen Sinwald – 40 points
10) 5W Randy Woodall – 39 points
11) 47 Rocky LoPresto (temp) – 37 points
12) 56D Jeff VanDusen - 33 points
13) 15JR Geoff Styner - 20 points






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