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 2005 305 Non-Wing Sprint Car Series Rules Information

Engine Rules

  1. Maximum c.u. disp 316 c.i.  (This allows for .60 over on a 305 block)

  1. Chevy unaltered, 305 cast iron blocks only.  Must be O.E.M. no oversized lifter boring allowed.

  1. Heads any steel chevy 305 head with 1.94 intake, 1.50 exhaust is legal.  No porting, polishing, or alterations to the original casting in any way.  No over sizing of the valves is allowed.  No titanium valves, keepers, or other use of titanium in the motor is allowed.  No shaft mounted rockers.  Stud girdles will be allowed. Head bolts only no studs.  World Product casting# 1-052 is legal.  If you need heads call Jocko’s Sprint Parts (515) 564-1204.

  1. Flat top pistons only.

  1. Steel connection rods only.

  1. Wet sump oil systems internally mounted only.  No dry sump oil systems or externally mounted oil systems allowed.

  1. Crank 3.48 or 3.50 stroke only.  Must be stock appearing steel or iron only.  No lightning or knife edging of throws.

  1. Fuel injection 2 3/16 diameter maximum.  You may sleeve a larger injection down, but if sleeves are used they must be a least 3” long and measure 2 3/16 from top to bottom of sleeve.  Anywhere in the sleeve if you are beyond 2 3/16 you will be disqualified.  A fine of $250 must be paid into the points fund before the driver can compete again.  One nozzle per cylinder and it must be located above the cylinder head intake port.  No down nozzle’s allowed.   A single carbonator may be used in lieu of fuel injection.

  1. Ignitions Magneto style or HEI factory ignitions only.  No MSD ignitions allowed.

  1. Flat tappet cam’s only.  No roller lifters.

  1. Fuel Methanol or Ethanol only.  No fuel additives allowed.

Engine Protest Procedure – Fee $200

Only drivers may file a protest and they must notify the appropriate track official within five minutes of the FINISH of the sprint car feature and $200 cash must accompany your protest 

If you are legal, you will receive $150 for the gaskets and reassembly.  The remaining $50 goes to the tech inspector.

If a competitor you protest is found illegal, your $200 will be refunded.  The $50 tech fee will be taken out of the illegal driver’s winning for that event and the remainder of his/her winnings for that event will be split equally amongst all drivers finishing behind the disqualified driver.

If you are illegal, you will forfeit all monies earned that night. 

Only track officials, tech inspector, and one member of the protesting team are allowed in the tear down area.  Only two members of the protested car are allowed in the tear down area.  (For definition purposes, “members” include the driver as a crew member.)

Chassis & Other Rules

  1. Cars must utilize a drive line hoop or strap bolted or welded to the chassis.

  1. No Carbon fiber or Titanium parts or rotors allowed anywhere.

  1. Drag Link may be made of aluminum.  All drag links must be tethered to the chassis with a drag link strap.  Both ends must be attached with steel heim ends.  If drag link is made of aluminum, it must be 1 ¼ in diameter.

  1. Must start any event with both, nerf bars, front bumper, and a solid attached rear push bumper.  Under no circumstances may a car be push started with a loose, broken, missing or unsafe push bumper.   

  1. No wings allowed.  No pieces may be added anywhere on the car that track officials, in their sole discretion, may determine to be an attempt to deflect, add down force, be used as a rudder or alter the basic handling characteristics of a non-wing sprint car.

  1. All cars must race with a sprint car appearing hood securely fastened at all times.

  1. Wheelbase minimum is 83” and maximum is 90”

  1. A racing seat of aluminum construction with “wrap arounds” on both sides is required along with a safety head net properly mounted is required on the right side of the driver’s head.   Unless you run a safety seat with head wrap.

  1. All cars must have an energy absorbing material attached to the roll cage in a permanent type manner to any area that the driver’s helmet could come in contact with during an on track incident.

  1.  All cars must run a fuel tank.  It must be securely fastened and have a “safety bladder.”  Track officials may require a driver to alter, replace, and/or reconfigure any fuel lines, tank mounting, bladders, fuel shut offs etc., before allowing said car to compete.

  1.   Tires any sprint car tire is allowed.

  1.  All cars must run a sturdy steel rock/mud screen at all times, securely fastened from outside to outside of the front roll cage and no more than 1” from the top of the roll cage and the top of the hood.

  1.  All cars must be equipped with a quick disconnect removable steering wheel.

  1.  Bottom of the top roll cage bar must be 1” higher than the top of the driver’s helmet with the driver in normal belted seating position.

  1.   Mufflers will be left up to the track we are racing on.  They will not be required unless the track we are at requires them.

  1.   There will be no weight rule.

  1.   Wheels any sprint car wheel is acceptable.  Any width will be allowed. 

  1.   All appropriate driver safety equipment is required: an approved full face helmet, Nomex driving suit, racing gloves and racing shoes.  In addition a neck safety device is strongly recommended (i.e. HANS, Hutchens, etc.).  Also, either a 5 or 6 point belt system and arm restraints are mandatory.

  1.  Track officials, at their sole discretion, may reject any of the above items or other items they deem are not within the spirit of the rules and require alterations before a competitor is allowed to race. 

  1.   The above rules may not cover every situation that may arise.  Track officials at their sole discretion, may alter, amend, or add any rule or interpretation of a rule they deem necessary for the benefit of the fans and competitors. 







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